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December 31, 1969

News and information about live streaming and video production

What's In Our Travel Kit?

Having produced hundreds of live streams, the Mainstream team knows what it takes to create a great show. Recently, we have been traveling all over the country for these shows, which has presented a new challenge: how do you ensure a successful broadcast if your office is hundreds of miles away?

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Keeping Up With Your Livestream

Going LIVE with your content is one of the most exciting and beneficial ways to connect to a wider audience. Livestreaming allows so many opportunities to increase engagement, which takes detailed pre-production (project coordinating) and the production (lights, camera, you’re live!). But, have you ever thought of the benefits of post-production? How can you keep your audience hooked after your livestream?

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6 Best Practices for Running a Facebook Live Event

Streaming on Facebook Live

Live video streaming is a remarkably engaging tool that brands, content producers, and events can use to connect with followers and grown an audience. While a bit later to the game than other social media platforms, Facebook has made a significant push to incorporate live streaming into its platform. In 2016, 16% of marketers reported using Facebook Live - and with an engagement rate 3x that of traditional videos, it's easy to understand why!

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How to Produce a Successful Virtual Event

A virtual event is a pre-produced show that simulates a live streamed broadcast. By scheduling your content to stream at a certain time, you can activate a global audience, resulting in increased awareness around your brand and event. Because the presentations are pre-recorded, you can accommodate world-renowned subject matter experts with very busy schedules, resulting in a very high-impact show. While streaming to Facebook Live or other platforms is a great way to engage a global audience with real-time content, hosting a virtual event gives you the flexibility of time and place.

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The 2017 Guide to Streaming on YouTube

Welcome to 2017, everyone! We thought we would kick off the New Year by brain-dumping everything we know about setting up an event on YouTube Live. It's a great platform that, in our estimation, covers at least half of all use-cases with a live stream. As mentioned in past articles, it is not without its shortcomings. But at the end of the day, YouTube Live is a powerful platform for streaming just about any live event. With that said, let's dive right in!

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A Comprehensive (And Animated!) Guide to Live Streaming Setups

Determining Your Optimal Setup for a 1-Camera Live Stream

While the majority of Mainstream Media's live streams are multi-camera configurations, there are numerous situations where only one camera is needed. Events such as online learning modules, press conferences, electronic news gathering, and internal corporate broadcasts can be really successful with a simple one-camera setup.

If you have been asked to produce a one-camera webcast for your company - or you just want to cover a cool event that’s coming to your town - but don’t know where to begin, fear not! We’ll walk you through everything you need to know in order to have a successful broadcast.

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Did Telestream Accidentally Create the Industry's Best Webinar Production Tool?

Twitch Con, a conference celebrating the world's most popular eSports streaming platform, is not the place where you would expect to see the launch of an incredible new webinar production tool. But this past week, that is exactly what happened.

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Lessons Learned from Streaming a Summer's Worth of Live Events

Top 5 Lessons we Learned from Streaming this Summer's Live Events

The past few months have seen us busier than we have ever been before. Producing live streams on a nearly continuous basis has not left us much time to update our blog - sorry about that!

Having live-streamed weddings, brand relaunches, political events & town halls, live music, and graduation ceremonies (all in the last 6 weeks), we have learned some brand new lessons and reinforced older ones. We have also had the opportunity to work with amazingly talented people with decades of experience in event production, running the gamut from IT Directors to seasoned television engineers to marketing specialists. Over the next few months, we plan to have many of them sit down and chat with us so that we can impart their wisdom through our blog - you'll see posts about Tricasters, intricate camera chain setups, the marketing side of running a service-based agency, and much much more. So stay tuned!

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Field of Streams: Comparing 4 Remote Live Streaming Methods

In a perfect world, all live stream productions occur in a controlled environment, away from the elements, with access to an ultra-fast and ultra-reliable Internet connection. The world we live in, however, is not perfect. Broadcasters are regularly asked to stream HD content from remote locations and in less-than-ideal conditions. Last year, we received such a request: to stream a massive parade on the Southside of Chicago. While that particular project didn't pan out, we spent many hours researching remote broadcasting. And we would love to share that research with you!

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Building a 24/7 Streaming Network: ACRE TV (A Case Study)

One of the benefits of running a business with a life-long friend is that, together, we can decide to take on passion projects that strike our curiosity and grow our skill set even if they don't immediately show a profit. Over the last year and a half much of that "passion project" time has gone into building and running ACRE TV, a 24/7  artist-made livestreaming tele-vision network.

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