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Keeping Up With Your Livestream

Erica McClain September 29, 2017

News and information about live streaming and video production

Going LIVE with your content is one of the most exciting and beneficial ways to connect to a wider audience. Livestreaming allows so many opportunities to increase engagement, which takes detailed pre-production (project coordinating) and the production (lights, camera, you’re live!). But, have you ever thought of the benefits of post-production? How can you keep your audience hooked after your livestream?

Let’s explore some ways you can keep up with your livestream and still keep your audience engaged.

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When you go live on facebook and youtube, it allows you to save the broadcast for you to view again. But why not dive a little more deeper into your stream? Let’s make it more easy and interesting for your viewers, again!

If your stream has a special moment that was important or interesting, you can focus in on that specifically. Youtube allows you to edit your video after it's been posted. It allows you to set “in” and “out” points...which means to create a new “start” and “end” to your video. Usually your stream engineer will save your livestream as a separate movie file for you to keep as well. You can upload that movie file to YouTube and edit the highlight. For example, if the main speaker in your broadcast started their speech 30 minutes in, you can start the video then and end it when that speaker is finished.



Instead of having your viewers skim through the video and try to find the most interesting section, making a highlight video is a great way for them to watch the core of your broadcast and get straight to main attraction.

Also, you can make the highlight video a little more interesting by adding a title card in the beginning and the end (usually the event title/logo your stream engineer added to your live broadcast). Or your editor can add a fade in and fade out, another nice and simple way to package the video.


Another way to keep your audience engaged after your livestream is to take segments of your broadcast and post them as individual videos. It is a nice and organized way to allow the your viewers to pinpoint what sections they find most interesting and re-watch.

For example, if your content contains an interview style set up, you can edit and create individual videos per question/answer. After we worked with Real Scout to broadcast their interview, the interviewer was able to edit and upload each section to YouTube on a playlist.

Real Scout live stream playlist

For more examples, click on the companies below to view their livestream uploaded by section.

Us Too circle logoguardian logo circle


Lastly, another great way to keep up with your livestream is to create a promotional video. This video can highlight all aspects of your livestream, just so the viewers can get a glimpse of the event as a whole and get them excited for any future event to come.

A promo will be most effective when it includes the following aspects:

  • Music
  • Intro with Logo
  • 5-10 second variety shots of event
  • Outro with Logo
  • Duration range: 30 sec - 1:30

Earlier this year, Mainstream Media filmed and edited various content for the 2017 Gateways to Opportunity Higher Education Forum. Check out their sizzle reel!   


The “post-livestream” route can be greatly effective and exciting for your company and viewers. Uploading highlights, segments and promotional videos will allow even more engagement and new, interesting viewers. Also, show your audience more content on these 3 main reasons:

  1. The ability to look back and review the information.
  2. Show aspects of the livestream again for those that missed out.
  3. Get viewers excited more to come!

Contact us and let our team help you keep up with your events.

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Erica is the Post-Production Associate at Mainstream Media.